Spymaster, the somewhat controversial and addictive Twitter-based game obviously doesn’t work nearly as well when Twitter is down. In fact, it doesn’t work at all. The creators have made a fun little Fail Whale graphic of their own, indicating the the game will be down until Twitter comes back up.

“The Directorate can’t assassinate the failwhale,” the message on the site reads. Funny, but this is a serious problem for a growing number of services that are built using Twitter as their backbone. Even FriendFeed looks like a ghost-town right now with no Twitter messages coming in.

Did we really get so attached to this service in our day to day lives?


I’m sick of people asking me to make things go viral. Here’s what’s next, friends and critics: a return to the desk. That’s right. A real job. Social media as a tool and not as a fancy shiny object.

What are people doing taking titles like “Social Media Manager?” To me, this is a scary thing. Why? Because it’s like being the fax manager or the email manager. You’re naming yourself after a tool.

The jobs where you might use social media tools exist in the marketing department, in the PR department, in customer service, and in several other parts of the company. Maybe this sounds wired. Maybe it is. I guess my big point is that we’ve got to shift this from “gee whiz” to “this is what we do to build business relationships.”

Push away from meaningless metrics and point your efforts towards moving the bottom line. It’s absolutely imperative that this become a “real” job instead of something cool.

If you think about it, call-to-actions are really a natural result of most human interactions. You call a friend to chit-chat and before you hang up, you ask her to have lunch together tomorrow. She thinks about her schedule for a moment and says “Sure, let’s do that”.

Even in day to day interactions, people react to call to actions that are coherent with what they are currently feeling or thinking. It flows on from an initial encounter: Here is how you can get even more of the same. Here is how you can continue down the path of success. Here is how you can share your love (or hate) for this brand.

If you want someone to spread the word about your content or service, ask them directly. They will do it even if you don’t give them an incentive. This is what I believe from experience.

Modesty and pride are usually the main obstacles. You don’t want to come off as too conceited and you’re too proud to beg. So you publish free content and give away free tools without asking for anything in return. But if you’re interested in reputation or revenue, this won’t help you at all.

If you give away free content, you should not only ask why you are doing so but learn to embed call to actions in some of them. Don’t be too modest or proud to tell someone what you want them to do for you. And never underestimate the power of reciprocity.

The Google Drive, or “GDrive”, could kill off the desktop computer, which relies on a powerful hard drive. Instead a user’s personal files and operating system could be stored on Google’s own servers and accessed via the internet. Or so i have been readeing the last past weeks.

The long-rumoured GDrive is expected to be launched this year and is beeing described it as “the most anticipated Google product so far”. It is seen as a paradigm shift away from Microsoft’s Windows operating system in favour of “cloud computing”.

The GDrive would follow this logic to its conclusion by shifting the contents of a user’s hard drive to the Google servers. The PC would be a simpler, cheaper device acting as a portal to the web, perhaps via an adaptation of Google’s operating system for mobile phones, Android.

What do you think? Will we get to the point where our computer will be more likely software rather than hardware?

For people that use the internet frequently it is easy to identify valuable websites from the rest.  When you see a website for the first time you make an instant judgement on its quality and relevance. This first impression is then carried over to other parts of the website, like content and professionalism.

When you break it down, web design is simply the manipulation of content and images on a website to appeal to the perceptions of a target audience. The psychology community has conducted studies since the early days of the internet. Take a look at the Barack Obama website – for me, the attraction was instant!  And I can’t see that website looking as good if it were in any other colour.

All humans have a psychological need to feel secure, and on the internet that need is multiplied considerably. Taking this into account, websites must incite a feeling of security within a visitor before they will take any action on your website.  There are many ways to accomplish this – disclaimers, privacy policies, brand-name security logos, etc – but the best way is to simply be upfront about all aspects of your website, product or business.

Pay attention in the first few seconds of visiting a new website and take note of why you like it and what they have done that is effective. After a while you will begin to pick up smaller details which is really what online marketing and web design is all about.

If you get a haircut and you don’t like it, you still pay. If you get a massage, and it was a crappy one, you still pay. If you eat at a restaurant and the food just wasn’t what you were hoping for, you still pay. Hotel rooms, car washes, concerts… The same concept applies for creative services.

I assume the client reviewed my portfolio before he/she hired you.  (If they didn’t, they’re not a smart consumer, which isn’t my fault.) They should know i would produce work in the same style and of the same quality. But whay do i do in case on of the clients doesn’t like my work? How can you, somehow put in the breif a section that helps you find out more about the type of person you are dealing with?

Nobody seems to be talking about the biggest problem of all with Windows 7. Each and every application has a different menu system: messenger, media player, paint/wordpad, calculator, picture viewer etc.

I can’t see how this could be a feautre nore a bug. 🙂 What do you think?

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